Why Choose me as your Realtor?

London – A Distinct Market
London is such a great place to live – people from all over ontario want to move here. However, it is also a very distinct market with its own landscape, area considerations and pricing quirks. Whether you’re moving here from elsewhere, looking to upgrade your home within the city or investing in real estate, the best asset you can have is a Realtor who can help you safely navigate the market and give you an edge over others.

A Successful Partnership
From over 10 years of buying and selling properties in London, I have developed and refined a real estate system that will guide you through the home buying process from search to negotiation, purchase and ownership. We will begin by finding out where in the current market landscape you would like to invest to help you find properties and the necessary financing involved. When we find the right home, I will work with the seller through aggressive negotiation until we can reach the best deal. I then help and support you through all the remaining steps – appraisals, inspections, legal paperwork and final approval until you are a proud owner of a new home!

Enjoy The Process
Finding a new home is an exciting journey and in order to get the most enjoyment from it, I will be there with you the whole time to take care of the details. Real estate for me is more about relationships than anything else. No matter what questions you may have or details you need addresed, I will always be available until you’ve found the right place for you. Additionally, my experience in this community has built an expansive network of trusted contacts who can help repair, upgrade, customize or maintain properties. I will make sure your expectations are exceeded well beyond your property purchase!